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Dice talks battlefield 3 patch technology news, firstpost. Battlefield 3 internet movie firearms database guns in movies. This update follows the latest patch for pc, released yesterday. I bought the humble bundle and played bf3 and it is better on pc, but its really annoying for me to play without the dlc and premium on pc if i have everything on my ps3, i just cant play. As sergeant blackburn, you must lead a fiveman squad on a mission to rescue the soldiers, whose last known location was deep within hostile, militia. Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into battlefield 4 and battlefield 3 and. This site is not affiliated in any way with microsoft, sony, sega, nintendo or any video game publishers. Battlefield 3 cheats and cheat codes, playstation 3. Added map rotation settings to preset list in detailed server info.

Unlock kit before r3 after r3 mp412 rex all 63,000 5,000 kh2002 assault 126,000 17,000 mp7 all. Yes it was good, but thats not cause enough to nerf it. Server fixes on the console versions of battlefield 3 have just been announced by dice. The graph shows the base damage per round but multipliers are applied when you hit certain parts of your target. Download the game guide close quarters achievement guide ps3 for battlefield 3 on pc pc 97520. After reports reached the us of a possible chemical weapons facility on the iraniraq border, the team dispatched to investigate has disappeared. I dont like posting on websites but theres no bf4 demo so please help me. Default dog tag blank dog tag available to all private first class dog tag reach rank private first class private first class 1 star dog tag reach rank private first class 1 star private first class 2 star dog tag reach rank private first class 2 star private first class 3 star dog tag reach. I gave it chance because it started on ps3 as i did so i figured the game is too good for ps3, and even though the maps were at best copies of bf3 maps and at worst sniperfests or restricted movement tunnel fights. Heavy gear was added for the assault and support players out there wanting to only play with their favorite weapons and to add a big bang we introduced the c4 just before the final knife kill requirement. For most of these weapons the gameplay timers were slightly out of sync with the actual.

Battlefield 3 or cod mw3 which would nvidia geforce forums. Trivia if you unlock all the weapons listed in the page, you can earn the lock n load achievementtrophy. This stateoftheart technology is the foundation on which battlefield 3 is built, delivering superior visual quality, a grand sense of scale, massive destruction. Battlefield 3 coop unlocks battlefield wiki fandom.

We hebben lang moeten wachten, maar eindelijk is hij daar. The only way to fix this permanently would be for dice to release a patch which they wont do for a. Is there a way to get free dlc and so it would actually work. Fix for rubber banding tdmsqdm spawn point fix crash fixes in end. Battlefield 4 players on the sony playstation 3 and playstation 4 can download the latest game update. The assault rifles are only available within the assault class, and are generally the antiinfantry weapons you will most commonly see in bf3. After the patch, it only tells you if people are mid. Battlefield 3 official and complete patch notes for. Latest battlefield 4 patch aims to make life easier for. I see yo few people complaining about the input lag that i was scared it wouldnt get patched. It can also be used with the xbox 360 version of the game since the achievements there mirror the ps3s trophies. The update contains major changes to weapons and vehicles.

There are multiple reasons for why the no gun glitch happens as well as many ways to fix it. I remember one time i saw a line ontop a building and said line sprouted a 2nd line halfway down, moved slightly to the right and stood there. There are only two attachments in bf3 that affect the damage stats the heavy barrel increases the dropoff end distance while the suppressor reduces both the drop off start and end distances. Ive only played the damned game twice since the patch.

Other then the freezing issue, there is a lot of graphic popup in the game. For todays youtube pubstar tournament, we were only able to use pistols. See more ideas about battlefield 3, assault rifle and guns. New game patch goes live sep 4 full details news battlelog. With the new patch that came out for the upcoming dlc, back to karkand.

My aim in writing this guide is to give detailed coverage of the bf3 trophies clarifying the specific requirements to achieve them and sharing any strategies and tips that might help. I dont know about xbox, but on the ps3 the m224 definitely has an m7 baseplate in. It is the only handgun that lets you equip two attachments at a time without either. The weapons available arent only split up into different kits, but the starting. Score requirements were massively lowered in the r3 patch released on dec.

You can find a list of all the dog tags that can be collected in eas battlefield 3 below. Id also like to know how it feels to be beaten by people. Battlefield 3 clubhouse page 679 techpowerup forums. I would place the pc version ahead of the ps3 version. Quite a few dogtags had to be added in via patch in bf3 as well. My game started to spawn me with no guns again and when i. Hell, the p99 is the only pistol where they didnt get something wrong. Download available via ingameupdate list of changes in this patch. Pistol secondary weapon breakdowns the best and my favorites. Cram weapons on carriers now count towards stationary weapon awards. One of the biggest updates comes in the form of server rentals on the console, for.

While most of these guns are available in the base game, some are only unlockable for use after completing assignments which are part of. The four kits from battlefield 3 are present in battlefield 4 with minor tweaks. Normal reversed reverses the gun order but keeps the knife as the ending of the match. I only hope they fix this with a patch or im going to stick with bf3,mw2 and cod4 and wont be buying any infinity wardsledge hammer game ever. Battlefield 3 is getting a large patch on the playstation 3 today, adding a number of tweaks and fixes. The beta is open to all and will run from september 29th to. Battlefield 3 internet movie firearms database guns in.

That didnt work and then they said to return the game for a new one, so i didnt play it till the new patch came out the other day and since i played around 20 hours and it started again tonight on saturday, december the 3rd. Pistols only, dlc guns only, and troll mode, featuring what dice calls silly weapons, starting with ballistic shields. It only happens to me when during hours when playing volume is high, its not your ps3. Ps3 input lag removed, weapons balancing, and bug fixes by. A humungous battlefield 3 update goes live for playstation 3 on 27th march. Simple rental property accounting systems for small landlords. Battlefield 4 getting free content with next patch. They really put a nail in the coffin with this game. Currently, battlefield 3 does not support crossplatform multiplayer. This is tommy rydling from dice, coming to you, the readers of the playstation blog, with two exciting pieces of news.

Visual recoil is getweaked soldier movement is naar bf3 snelheden veranderd, je soldaat is. Dice drops details on what gamers can expect in the first battlefield 3 patch. Battlefield 4 ps3 and ps4 update available now january 14. I can only imagine that its a problem in the base code of the game. I can not guarantee this will work for you or for how long but it worked for me and still does. Install ea origin and bf3you could buy bf3 off of origin, if you preferin that case, install origin prior to purchasing bf3 personally, i dont think switching from ps3 to pc is worth the effort and time for the payoff, and i think you would be better off sticking it out on ps3, but ultimately, its your decision. All weapons and gadgets in battlefield 3 are split up into different kits. Our next client update goes live to coincide with battlefield 3. The following weapons are unlocked through the coop portion for the four available kits in battlefield 3.

Each kit has special gadgets to make that particular kit unique. First, we are very happy to announce the dates for the eagerly awaited battlefield 3 open beta. Navy seal jocko willink breaks down combat scenes from movies gq duration. Latest battlefield 4 patch aims to make life easier for ps4, ps3, and 360 owners long list of fixes and updates in latest bf4 patch. It was op in mw2 it must be nerfed in bf3 thats the only reason. Standard battlefield 3 leaps ahead of the competition with the power of frostbite 2, the next installment of dices cuttingedge game engine. Does battlefield 3 support crossplatform multiplayer. Forum start battlefield 3 battlefield 3 ps3, xbox 360 pistols only. There is no hope for a patch to fix the problem, because its been an issue throughout the whole series on ps3. It was released along with the spring 2015 patch on may 26, 2015. Before we get into todays brand new battlefield 3 server update, wed like to remind all pc players that the latest battlefield 3 client update, multiplayer update 5 is now live. An update that not only balances out the weapons but actually makes the game more fun to play.

Light weight is for players who love to play with pdws for a really fast paced round. Battlefield 3 all weapons shown no dlc included bf3. According to this article, which quotes the studio head, robert bach, there are numerous differences between the pc and console versions of battlefield 3. I understand that the game is broken on pc, i will only buy when they fix. If ur server name us pistol only or kik, developers will shut down ur server just by locking at the server name, they dont need anymore profe than that. The only way to fix this permanently would be for dice to rel. Battlefield 4 is a firstperson shooter video game developed by video game developer ea dice. This is the same patch that the consoles received last week. You start off with pistols, make your way to a weak surpressed pp19, get some kills, get kills with the underpowered mk3a1 w frag rounds, and just when you think the annoying part is over, the second to last weapon before the knife is a weapon that shoots a bouncing grenade with a small blast.

It made for some interesting gameplay and an exciting match. Forum start battlefield 3 battlefield 3 ps3, xbox 360 pistol only server. Continuing ea and dices efforts to improve the performance of the game, the 617mb patch is currently live and should install automatically. Please answer these questions about bf4 battlefield 4. Mw2 and cod4 are better in every way compared to mw3. I would also take into account the crysis effect that will happen with bf3.

Some pistols only require like 280, shotguns and pdws only require 410. The knife now only takes two swipes to kill when attacking from a. The bf3 hk416 uses the older m4 gen ii style stock and a tangodown pistol grip. For those of you who dont remember crysis sold only 50k in its first week or two on pc which had crytek in panic mode quick to blame piracy and vowing never again to do a pc exclusive. I find that hilarious because i dont have a server and i have never had one. We have been busy making some welcome fixes for our playstation 3 players, fine tuning a lot of weapons based on your feedback, and tweaking some. I already have battlefield premium with all the dlc, but on my ps3.

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