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Each question is thoroughly trialled and validated on groups of. Gl assessment papers test english, maths, verbal reasoning and nonverbal reasoning. Gl assessment nfer vr question types 11 plus papers. These consortium schools make use of the gl assessment. We aim to publish the latest information for each area, but the test types are subject to change without notice by the authorities and therefore serve as a rough guide only. Sample papers browse our sample papers for all school years. Free download new 11 plus practice papers of cem style, gl assessment, pdf with detailed answers, answer sheet provided, helpful for 11plusdiy cem gl. The new cat4 teacher guidance is an ideal companion for cat4 users, regardless of their level of experience. Samples available for both aqe common entrance assessment and gl assessment transfer test.

Gl assessment have released several 11 plus past papers in recent time. Gl maths and english practice papers set 1 pdf on target. Buckinghamshire has only just moved to gl assessments from the 2019 intake dorset has 4 grammar schools and one with an expressly academic stream. Gl maths and english practice papers set 1 are written by experienced teachers and designed to replicate the real gl assessment transfer tests. Visuteach 11 plus maths non verbal reasoning english tests. Put the correct sign, or in each box 48 81 92 23 54 45 2 2. The sample materials provided by gl assesment are quite far removed from the real exam. Year 4 maths sample test st marys school, cambridge. English as an additional language for non native speakers students joining the lower sixth year 12 are required to complete assessments in the subjects they wish to study at a level, please. Round these distances to the nearest 100 miles 660 miles miles. Gl education has agreed a partnership with diglossia, the leading provider of arabic language assessments that measure proficiency across the three domains of vocabulary, reading, and writing.

Caistor grammar school mixed is not part of the consortium and sets their own exam papers. Dont bother wasting time looking for them, they dont exist. Here you will find links to english, maths and science specimen papers. Track and measure your childs exam readiness and build their confidence so theyre more than ready to show their skills come test day. The pptc entrance assessment is commonly referred to as the gl, gl test or gl assessment. There are 21 question types that can appear in gl assessment 11 plus verbal reasoning exams.

I have used them constantly in my own classroom since 2000. Students joining year 10 are required to complete the following assessments, please see sample papers as below languages as appropriate to studies. Simply find the subject youre after and click below to download the resources. Simply find the subject youre after and click below to download the.

If you like the papers then please do feel free to go to our eleven plus publishers section and source materials from these publishers and others which we. The book contains four vr test papers in the style and format of the gl assessment 11 plus tests used by selective state schools in england. Use the form above to instantly download a mock test paper for your child. The gl assessmentcat4nfer exam multiple choice the independent school maths exam standard. Our papers and tests are suitable for the 11 plus exams of various examining bodies such as gl assessment, iseb independent schools examination board and cem. These counties use the gl assessment 11 plus grammar entrance exams across the following regions. Year 3 maths assessment tests youtube and powerpoint. This is a multiplechoice paper in which you have to mark your answer to each question on the separate answer sheet.

The kent test is designed to assess whether grammar school is a suitable option for you. For more information on our products, visit the shop at. This bundle includes pdf downloads of all 18 of our gl multiple choice maths practice test papers with answers. This is a multiplechoice paper, in which you have to mark your answer to each question on the separate answer sheet. These questions are about folding paper and punching holes in it. Our new practice packs have been updated to better reflect the layout pupils will find when they sit the real test. The assessment consists of 2 standardised papers and are multiple choice in format. It will help to familiarise you with what to expect by giving a brief description of the different parts of the test, suggestions for how individual question types should be approached. Anything you write in the test booklet or on any other paper other than the. On this page you will find some sample papers that may assist your preparations by familiarising you with some of the skills needed for the tests. All our gl practice papers are set out in the multiple choice format like the pptcs assessment. Published by gl assessment, 1st floor, vantage london, great west road.

All your gl assessment 11 plus revision needs, for free. This is a multiplechoice paper, in which you have to mark your answer to each. No questions are repeated and the exams can be taken in any order. The official gl assessment sample pack 1 which can be bought in shops and online contains four 50 question tests.

Year 5 block 1 paper 1 answers after each question. Draw a firm line clearly through the rectangle next to your answer like this. This bundle includes pdf downloads of all 18 of our gl multiple choice english practice test papers and all 18 of our gl multiple choice maths practice. Using practice papers gives your child the opportunity to become familiar with the layout of the exam and the types of questions they may encounter. The papers below are all sourced from the upper rank of publishers so you can be sure they are good quality and will help your child. Gl do not issue past papers but they do publish sample papers which will give you a very good feel for the type and standard of questions they ask. The guidance provides information on every aspect of cat4 testing, from setting up and carrying out the test to generating and interpreting reports. With an edplace account, youll have access to nonverbal, spatial and verbal reasoning resources for ages 811 tailored to cem or gl exam boards. Qes entrance examination comprises multiple choice tests in english and maths. While these assessments dont match the current curriculum. I have redeveloped and corrected all my year 3 maths assessment powerpoints this summer and added a youtube video to each of them to make them more fun and more useful in the classroom. All our gl assessmentstyle 11 plus mock exam sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes long. Gl maths practice test papers bundle pdf download the. Lots of schools are now changing to using cem, to try and be different or just to switch up what resources they are using.

County council by gl assessment allowing the council to distribute this. There is a short practice session before each paper and between the papers. In each location we have 3 unique gl assessmentstyle exams. Some vr tests also involve the manipulation of letters and.

Useful additional features are the notes and information for parents and they will find the explanations for all answers really helpful so they can guide their child. Maths, english, verbal reasoning and nonverbal reasoningspatial reasoning. This academic stream school, poole high school admits 32 pupils on the basis of their school entrance test results. Note that these 21 types can also be considered to be 22 types, since one of the types contains two distinct question types i. Gl education partners with diglossia to offer arabic language testing. Our new practice packs have been updated to better reflect the layout pupils. There are 21 types of question set by gl assessment for the 11 plus, although in some areas only the first 15 types will appear on the question paper. The leading provider of formative assessments to uk schools, overseas ministries and british, bilingual and international schools worldwide. We sell fulllength verbal reasoning papers for the lincolnshire consortium 11 plus tests, fulllength maths and verbal reasoning vr papers for the south west hertfordshire consortium. The english paper has 60 questions and lasts 50 minutes.

This is to allow the children to have time for a snack and a toilet break. All your gl assessment 11 plus revision needs, for free, on one site. If your target schools use them, download the gl assessment sample papers free of charge. Generally speaking, there are four main types of exam. There will be a short practice session before each of the. Gl assessment style practice papers pdf instant downloads. The maths paper has 45 questions and lasts 45 minutes. The first paper, assessing english lasts 50 minutes and the second paper, testing mathematics lasts 45 minutes. Gl practice papers download archives on target resources.

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