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The complete digital signage solutions offered by samsung smart signage, magicinfoi premium and magicinfo pro allow users to build large or small video walls by simply linking screens together with just one connectionthere is no need for any external control equipment to split or scale the media or source. S2 magic monitor appliances provide plugandgo client solution options ranging from single displays to command center workstations and expansive video walls. The complete digital signage solutions offered by samsung smart signage, magicinfo i premium and magicinfo pro allow users to build large or small video walls by simply linking screens together with just one connectionthere is no need for any external control equipment to split or scale the media or source. We have 5 samsung rm48d manuals available for free pdf download. Magicinfo server is a central component of the solution, streamlining content and device management. Check out our support resources for your qbr series digital signage qb43r to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. How to read this manual this manual describes sharp digital signage software version 3. Summary of contents of user manual for samsung smart signage pm32f led. After numerous attempts to correct directly with the unit, i called tech support and eventually got through this solution. Magicinfo express allows you to create content with ease using various layouts. Now with enhanced data management, users can analyze their data and automate promotions to reduce costs and grow their business.

Lcd, crt and plasma displays, digital signage billboards and rear projection displays. A builtin pc with magicinfo pro gives you easy display control over lan or wan. Your player provides you with highspeed connection and exceptional content for one or more digital signage displays. Smart signage tv from sw installation to content creation. Magicinfo lite software for samsung large format displays. Samsung unveils magicnet pro signage software june 20, 2007 anaheim, calif. This smart signage solutions allows signage networks to change using dynamic contact moments of contact and makes sure the interaction between the audience and the samsung smart signage display is works as required. Owners manual lg digital signage monitor signage please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. A stepbystep guide how to use this guide our goal with this guide is to provide you with an introduction to the key questions and decision areas that need to be addressed in order to fully realize your investment in this new medium. Display, content management and analysis solution for digital signage. Yoyo solution is a near field communication nfctags technology combined with magicinfo.

Digital signage is proving its worth in a myriad of settings where user and customer engagement is critical to the livelihood of any given business. The digital signage software provides comprehensive remote. Download free magicinfo software magicinfo services. Check out our support resources for your pmh series digital signage pm43h to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. Variable tag by simply tagging devices to a single url destination, only one url address is needed to access and edit content.

All the software files and guides you need are on this page. Samsung rm48d manuals manuals and user guides for samsung rm48d. Quick to learn, easy to master and efficient to work with, both nondesigners and graphic artists alike will love studiopros intuitive interface and ease of use. For added convenience, the usb auto play function helps users to easily play videos by simply plugging a usb device into a display device with magicinfo lite. Our signage players are compatible with windows and linux and include a builtin content creation engine. Any user, even one with very little knowledge, can create a schedule using only a remote control device. English 4 do not let the product fall or drop when connecting it with an external device.

Domain name values are rising fast and is a strong, memorable and brandable name. Retail led the way with the first digital signage networks, creating a more. The server allows users to upload, organize and build playlists from various content types. Lg supersign tvs are ideal for small to mediumsized businesses that want a quick display solution without requiring additional pcs and networking.

Owners manual lg digital signage monitor signage 2 english table of contents. Magicinfo magiciwb color expert pro business tv app. Magicinfo player is samsungs powerful inhouse media player. You can add digital tv with an optional samsung set back box sbbdt. Samsung magicinfo lite software digital multimedia and. Magicinfo digital signage software solutions samsung display. To uninstall the samsung magic info or any other url launcher software running on your lfd, follow the steps below. Mar, 2017 magic info samsung instruction autoplay content from usb stick.

A variety of traditional file formats are supported, including rss feeds and live web pages. Get ready for the best solution for digital advertising communication, providing support for digital media creation and management, content deployment, video play, and remote control. The unified magicinfo server is universally compatible and supports connections with various samsung smart signage devices such as standalone displays, video wall displays, semioutdoor and. Aug 16, 2015 magicinfo allinone digital signage from samsung duration. F indicates pages that contain related information. Display a single integrated screen on multiple signage monitors.

Keep users from leaving the digital signage app on a samsung device. Set a schedule to use your signage by time and day of the week. Aug 30, 2017 we hope that this helps you to understand the pricing options to consider in your digital signage choice. Magicinfo services download free magicinfo software.

Included with the latest samsung mec, pec, uec and udc series displays, sssp eliminates the need for external pc media players, helping to streamline display and content management. The unit was inconsistent on the wireless network and unable to reliably push content from magicinfo. Play videos mp4, wmv, images jpg, powerpoint, and audio files without requiring external file conversion schedule content. Samsung magicinfo server enables multiple networkbased solutions to be available for displays that are located at various physical installation sites. Magic info samsung instruction autoplay content from usb stick duration. The samsung magicinfo solution is a comprehensive platform that offers seamless remote digital signage software and hardware management, enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules from any location at any time. Icons indicates reference information, related details, and restrictions. The tech jargon that samsung is using is not helpful at all, and i have no idea even where to start. Magicinfo services bring business content to live with magicinfo.

Marketing and advertising budgets are turning their focus to this new, technologically advanced advertising medium. Magic info samsung instruction autoplay content from usb stick. You can also register your product to gain access to samsung s worldclass customer support. Magicinfo is a powerful, comprehensive platform for digital signage to manage entire content and devices with a single solution. This firmware utility supports only the samsung 470 series and 830 series ssds and should be used with the samsung ssd magician software to minimize user interaction when downloading and updating the firmware.

Magicinfo is a powerful content and device management solution giving businesses the ability to easily create, schedule and play content across a signage network. Samsung mpn series displays offer full connectivity for ultimate flexibility. User manuals, samsung digital signage operating guides and service manuals. New user to magicinfo pro setup is making no sense on. Add content directly to your displays, create professional looking digital signage templates, and even schedule when your.

Find samsung digital signage specifications and pricing. Display the image excluding the area that overlaps with the monitors bezel so that the image displayed has a more natural feel to it. Setup samsung kiosk manager onsign tv digital signage. Magicinfo lite is ideal for standalone devices or smaller networked systems that are used to display prebuilt media content. Find more about samsung display solutions magicinfo server 4. The platform is compatible with a variety of samsung commercial displays. Lg digital signage monitor signage owners manual please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. No matter your source, whether its pc, digital video player or anything else, you can display it with ease. Enplug is a cloudbased signage solution used to display digital content. Samsung dbe series 32 full hd commercial led monitor. English 5 ez setting video wall ez setting video wall set video wall options to create a wide visual canvas. Magicinfo featuring the ability to create, manage, monitor, and schedule media content on your display. Uninstall samsung magic info onsign tv digital signage. I am looking for some software for digital signage.

Design software compatible with all digital signage systems studiopro is the first graphic design software developed with a focus on digital signage. Long product simplify content creation for smart signage with embedded samsung magicinfo premium digital signage software more other server, client that our display i download client. Instructional video on how to operate the new magicinfo lite software for the new samsung displays md and mb units this video will show. As we are committed to helping our clients maximize our commercial display features, we offer a range of supersign resources, including user guides, editor manuals, simple editor software, tutorial. S2 magic monitor s2 security s2 security corporation. While samsung display pid is not manufacturing plugandplay digital signage solutions, we produce and supply professional grade commercial lcd panels to leading solution manufacturers and system integrators.

A smart, intuitive content creation and management solution for your digital signage, magicinfo offers a suite of creative tools that are built to facilitate content creation and display management, regardless of browser, device or os, such as android, windows or chrome. The knowledge platform for samsung magicinfo digital signage software. Magic info samsung instruction autoplay content from usb. Samsung magicinfo premium server license for s player 3. Set the appropriate resolution and clock by referring to the users guide. Check out our support resources for your shf series digital signage sh37f to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. This embedded software solution enables users to schedule and play a range of media files, which can be stored on the devices internal hard drive, a remote server, a setback box, or a usb. Combine with magicinfo premium s software, to create, schedule and deliver content to either a single display or multiple displays over a network. Plug and play content through the intuitive embedded media player. Magicinfo datalink also supports a variety of user databases and doesnt require any separate middleware to connect user data to the platform, making it easy no matter what infrastructure a user has in place. When connecting it to a game device, keep a distance of four times the diagonal measurement of the screen from the device. Explore our lineup of brilliant display solutions discover the world of samsungs innovative public information displays. Overview as part of its digital signage solution portfolio, samsung. Samsung unveils magicnet pro signage software digital.

Weve helped many businesses choose the right digital signage software so they can leverage digital technology and expand their advertising strategies. Magicinfo solution display solutions samsung business uk. Supersign lite is basic signage content management software, and supersign w is advanced signage content management software. Firmware update via usb on samsung digital signage dbe. We hope that this helps you to understand the pricing options to consider in your digital signage choice. This software owners manual is written based on signage monitors installed with android. You can also register your product to gain access to samsungs worldclass customer support. With the included software, you can add your own promotional content, and control it all from your pc or mobile phone. Samsung display offers a wide range of digital signage and professional display solutions to match your needs. Download the free magicinfo software and discover all the digital signage possibilities with samsung magicinfo. Samsung magicinfo premium unified license bwmip40pa.

Magicinfo 6 software allows for proactive monitoring and provides over 40 hardware and software errors with information on how to diagnose and fix a problem on your network. In this overview video that we produced for samsung, we explain the different options available for samsungs magicinfo digital signage. Magicinfo express software provides easytouse tools to create, edit, schedule and deploy your custom content on the samsung smart signage tv. Check out our support resources for your rm series digital signage rm48d to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. Appendixuser manual pm32f pm43f pm49f pm55f ph43f ph49f ph55f the colour and the appearance may.

With magicinfo, users can manage both the content and device on a single platform. Use authorized detergent only when cleaning the product. Samsung magicinfo digital signage solution youtube. Samsung smart signage pm32f led user manual page 1 of 87. Set the appropriate resolution by referring to the users guide. Unauthorized use or reproduction in part or all of the contents of the software owners manual without prior written permission from lg electronics is prohibited. Digital signage, as related to in this manual includes. Magicinfo digital signage software solutions samsung. If the product falls because of the short cable, this may cause injury andor damage to the product. Businesses across various industries can use enplug to communicate their message.

A howto video that shows you how to setup your smart signage tv, install creator sw on your pc and to create and publish your content with it. Samsung digital signage user manuals download manualslib. I see a lot of cloud based digital signage out there but it. It enables scheduling to specifically tagged displays or content with an easy draganddrop interface. Ran into a tough issue with a samsung digital signage unit that turned out to be quite a hassle. Comes standard with all ssspsupported samsung displays. Magicinfo player i player i is an application which publishes and plays content created in the authoring tool magicinfo author or multimedia content images, movies, sounds, etc over servers or local area networks. Magicinfo datalink provides a straightforward dropdown menu for sql, even without user knowledge of sql language. Click on fw update and choose yes if you agree to the warning.

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